Update from Father Nathaniel – May 9, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This week I walked through the church with an expert from the health department; she was very helpful in explaining the current guidelines and suggesting ways to keep people safe when we begin in-person services again. The diocese of Colorado Springs is reviewing a proposal for us to re-open. We are preparing for the next stage. When the details of our plan are approved, we will send you a note and post information on our webpage. I know some parishes in Denver are having congregations attend Mass today, and I am hopeful that I will see some of you in the pews soon–but not this weekend. 

I am hopeful to see some of you soon. It will only be some of you. Some of you are at high risk and should stay safer at home; remember right now no one has an obligation to attend mass. Furthermore, given the current restrictions, no one will be able to come to mass very often. Think about the size of our parish: if we can only have a handful of people at each Mass, each family will only be able to attend Mass once every few weeks. Until the government relaxes the limits placed on religious gatherings, we are going to be dependent on technology.

We will start having in-person services, and over time we will be allowed to have larger and larger crowds. These difficult times of separation will come to an end. But right now, many people are still hurting from sickness, from loneliness, from a loss of income, from the strain of keeping kids at home, and so on. When I hear their stories of hardship, I also hear wonderful stories of your love and devotion; you continue to feed the hungry, encourage the lonely, and pray together. Your light is shining in these dark times. Thank you for your service and generosity to our community!

Your servant in Christ,

Fr. Nathaniel

PS Nearly 200 hundred people expressed interest in participating in adoration! We need to cover the pews with plastic before we begin this beautiful liturgy. If you joined the Eucharistic Adoration group on Flocknote, you will get an email this week about signing up for a time. If you are interested in joining this group, just click here: https://AveMaria.flocknote.com/Adoration2

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