Update from Father Nathaniel

Dear Parish Family,

Last night the law in Douglas County changed. We can now have a significant number of people at each Mass. The staff and I spent the morning working to make sure we can follow the law, keep everyone safe, and welcome you to Mass tomorrow.

Please remember, that everyone is still excused from the obligation to attend Mass. If you are vulnerable or don’t feel safe, please stay home. We are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of disease, but there will always be some risk. It is your choice if you attend Mass or not.

Things will be a little strange and awkward at first. You can watch this little video for a preview of what it will be like.
What to expect when you arrive at Ave Maria
Here is a list of things to keep in mind:
Please check the registration link below to register for Mass this weekend.
You will need to check-in when you arrive. Please arrive 15 minutes early.
Our bathrooms are closed.
We encourage everyone to wear a face-covering during Mass.
Please maintain a six-foot distance between people of different households.
To help maintain a six-foot distance between households, you will see blue tape marking where to sit on the pews.
Please receive communion in the hand.
Stay at your seat to receive communion: we will come to you.
After Mass, you will be dismissed by pew.
May 23 and 24th Mass Registration
We’ll use our experience this weekend to guide decisions about next weekend, and then communicate the plan to you. Please be patient with us and our volunteers as we make this happen.

Fr. Nathaniel Hinds, Pastor

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