About Us

About Us

Ave Maria Catholic Church, a parish in the Diocese of Colorado Springs, was established in Parker, Colorado, as part of the Elbert missions in 1916. The first Mass was celebrated in the new church building on October 7, 1984 and Ave Maria Catholic school opened its doors in September 2000. At the same time, construction began on the school building and the second floor was completed in 2004. The Parish Life Center construction began in May 2010 and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2011.

 The Miracle of the Dove in the Church Window

A beautiful dove of peace mysteriously appeared on a north window of Ave Maria Catholic Church on February 9, 1985, right before its dedication on February 10. The image, like a white etching, is a bird in flight, wings extended and tail feathers spread open, its wingspan measuring 30 inches from tip to tip. Each feather is perfectly traced on the glass and the beak and eyes are clearly visible. Many believed the imprint was made by a bird that crashed into the window, but no feathers or remnants of a bird were found. Because the imprint is so clear and detailed, a protective glass was installed to safeguard it.

The dove has been called ‘an extra blessing from God’. In Christian teachings the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit. It is a constant reminder of the wonders and mysteries of God.

The Logo

The figure is built off the figure of a circle to form the letters of Ave Maria. The alpha and omega, the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet are formed in these two symbols as well.

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